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René used to be a car salesman, but he was let go when he became older. Eventually he found a job bagging groceries at a local market in Mexico City. While bagging groceries he realized how many plastic bags were being used and how much waste that was creating, so he came home to his wife with a novel idea. They would make reusable grocery bags out of mesh with a string pull. Immediately his wife got to work hand making them, while René went to work selling them outside the supermarket. While he would be happy to help make them, his Parkinson's Disease does not allow him to do so. 
His goal with this business is not to become a millionaire, but to help the environment. He sells them at what he considers decent price in order for him to be able to live while still helping the Earth. 

When he received JAC's order he was ecstatic to have the opportunity to create change in the US as well as in Mexico, and he quickly put his sons and daughter-in-law to work as well.