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Originally from Cusco, Peru, Felícitas and her husband Adrián started their small craft business in Miraflores in Lima back when Miraflores was nothing but a dirt square and a few houses.

Together with a few other artisans, they formed a community and started developing what is now known as “El Mercado del Inka”.

Felícitas comes from a long line of artisans in Cuzco, where she still has a small store. Her dream is to open a hotel in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Her husband Adrián was a master costume jewelry craftsman and at one point exported to China and Japan. Unfortunately Adrián passed away in 2013.

Felícitas and her three sons go back to Cusco periodically where they work with artisans from smaller towns and help them to hone their craft and teach them new skills, which she brings to Lima to sell. She employs single mothers and women who are in need of work.

Her three sons have their own store where they also craft all the while helping Felícitas with her store.

They are a hardworking and motivated family. They are humble and generous with what they have earned.Working with them is always a pleasure.