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From Oaxaca, Mexico, Angel has been weaving bags for 8 years. He learned his craft from his mom and grand mom, and is passionate about it. He is creative and always coming up with new designs.
Angel and his wife Maria Guadalupe are raising a 3-year-old daughter named Renata.
He returns to his town to buy his materials, and then sells his craft on the streets of Mexico City. 
He is a hard working, creative and helpful man. Timid, polite, and kind, he is great to work with. 
Since working with Kelly, Angel has become a very important part of JAC, not only as an artisan, but also as a conduit to fellow artisans.
Angel has recently furthered himself by taking a few design courses, and was awarded a prize for his most recent creations. 
Recently he submitted a few of Kelly's designs that were executed by him and they won a joint award of first place for the design and execution.