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Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Baltazar and his wife Fabiola weave bags from palm and synthetic palm for a living. They work and sell their craft in Mexico City on the side of the road. Together they are raising their 3-year-old daughter.  Baltazar’s family has been weaving palm for 20 years.  Fabiola and Baltazar try to support people from Baltazar’s birthplace who have lesser opportunities by buying their material from them instead of commercially in the city where they could find it cheaper.

Aside form being a weaver; Baltazar also plays in a band he formed with his cousins. They play contemporary music at events, and they also do the traditional chinelos performances.

He is currently trying to teach his wife his native dialect of Mixteco.

Baltazar is a sweet, funny and kind man, with many hopes and dreams.


Fabiola is from Mexico City and is married to Baltazar. When they first met, she was working as a salesperson at an art supply store.

She is a working mom, raising their 3 year old daughter and running their "stand". Baltazar has taught her his skills, and she helps with weaving the palm bags and makes her own synthetic palm creations. 

She is a very smart, hard working woman, and she knows exactly how to run their little business. She is funny, kind and strong willed.